Well Furnished Class Rooms

Total Six Class Rooms having size 6.25m X 5.60m, 6.29m X 5.60m, 6.29m X 5.60m, 6.29m X 5.60m, 4.90m X 7.84m, 6.88m X 4.88m respectivally.

Modern Labotary

We have Two Chemistry labs sized 3.1m X 4.88m, 3.57m X 2.06m, Two Physics labs sized 3.1m X 4.88m, 3.57m X 2.06m ,One Biology lab sized 3.57m X4.00m & Two CS labs sized 3.16m X 5.60m,3.16m X 5.60m respectivaly.


We have a library sized 3.61m X 3.16m, One Principal Room sized 3.90m X 2.85m, Two Staff Rooms sized 3.05m X 4.94m, Two urinals for boys sized 1.5m X 3.3m,Two urinals for girls sized 1.15m X 2.35m & Two urinals for staff sized 1.15m X 2.35m. Download Details



SMT. Anju Negi

Vice Chairperson

Mr. Pradeep Kumar

Princpal Secretary

Mr.Ganga Singh

Joint Secretary

Mr.Raj Kumar

Executive Member

Mr.Ram Kishore Thakur

Executive Member

Mr.Shiv Kumar Uppal

Executive Member

Mr.Rahul Abrol

Chief Advisor

Mr.Kamal Nayan


Mr.Pawan Kumar

Fees Structure

Sr.No. Fund Type Fees(INR)
1. Tution Fees 10,000/-
2. Tution Fee(monthly) 800/-
3. Science Fund(monthly) 300/-
4. Exam Fund(monthly) 200/-
5. Sports Fund(monthly) 100/-
6. Computer Fund(monthly) 100/-